Jan 15

The fifteen day zombie epidemic in media clippings creator posted a last installment in his 15 day creation today, January 15th. On reddit, the creator called Vidzilla explained that the 15 day series that gripped reddit’s zombie fans was created with no advance planning. He was inspired by a conversation about how people would react if a crowded place were “ground zero” for a zombie outbreak, and after his Day 1 post on January 1st got a big reaction, he decided to continue his story for two weeks.

Tomorrow Vidzilla will post a “Director’s Cut” including the zombie story in full on reddit.com/r/zombies. Read his latest comments on reddit to find out more about his awesome zombie storytelling. And thanks, Vidzilla, for a really creepy two week ride. Can we do this again sometime?

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Jan 06

I’ve been filled with a sense of growing dread watching this series of media clippings and screenshots that has been posted on reddit.com/r/zombies. The series of images shows a snowballing zombie epidemic in social media, personal messages, and news outlets. Check out days 1-6 below.

I can’t help but think this method of storytelling is something of a throwback to some analysis of modern information overload and the zombie pop phenomenon we talked about in 2010. But mostly, I can’t wait to find out where this story is going. I’m going to be following what I hope continue to be daily updates by Vidzilla on reddit.

And don’t forget to update your 2012 preparedness plans. This is getting real.

Updates: Day 7 (comments) | Day 8 (comments) | Day 9 (comments) | Day 10 (comments) | Day 11 (comments) | Day 12 (comments) | Day 13 (comments) | Day 14 (comments) | (comments)

Note: Check out Day 5, Day 9, and others for secret hidden messages. See reddit threads for spoilers. Could this be a viral marketing campaign? For what?

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Nov 30

Make all your neighbors jealous by showing off your undead family on the back of your stylish-yet-roomy SUV!
Zombie Family Car Decals

These Zombie Family Car Decals are available at ThinkGeek and include a mom, dad, daughter, son, baby, dog, cat and fish. For any other additions to your zombie family, simply attach one of their severed limbs to your bumper. If you’re carting that many zombies around, you won’t be driving for long.

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Oct 26

In an awesome turn of events, the world’s largest pumpkin, weighing 1,818.5 pounds, was carved into an awesome zombie sculpture by artist Ray Villafane. The great pumpkin carving was done at the New York Botanical Garden, which has an excellent video of the process.

Word's largest pumpkin becomes zombie scupture

Check out the more photos here.

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Jun 30

HBO’s Game of Thrones is an epic fantasy based on George R. R. Martin‘s A Song of Ice and Fire books. After watching and loving the first few episodes of the TV series, I started reading the books. I only needed to read the prologue of the first book to make an awesome realization: This is a story about zombies.

Now, it’s not just about zombies. It’s also about war and dragons and sorcery and people. But I found the zombie part really compelling. In the prologue of the first book, A Game of Thrones, we are introduced to a creepy race of beings called the Others, which the characters speak of but don’t believe to exist. Then they meet one. It is gaunt and pale, with eyes that are blue and glowing. That is all well and creepy, but then we get to the part that caught my attention: After the Others kill a man, he comes back to life as one of them, also pale, gaunt, and with glowing blue eyes. Could the Others be zombies?

Game of Thrones - The Others

Game of Thrones - The Others

In truth, they’re not the typical zombie. It seems that these ones are capable of sword-fighting and talking, it’s unclear whether they eat brains, and of course there are the demonic blue eyes. But they’re definitely the living dead – and I expect that they’ll be coming in hordes.

The first season of Game of Thrones is a pretty faithful adaptation of the first book, and I’ve only just begun to read the second. So, if you haven’t seen the series, some of what I’m about to say might be spoilers, but not much. I’ll mostly be talking about the world Martin created, not the actual plot. You’ve been warned.

Game of Thrones - The Wall

Game of Thrones - The Wall

In this world, there is a wall cutting off the northern part of the continent, which is so ancient that no one knows quite who built it, or how or why. It’s almost 700 feet high and is simply called the Wall. The Others are a legend south of the Wall, spoken of mostly in jokes and children’s stories. But north of the Wall, we’ve seen that they’re real.

So, this situation seems rife for an epic zombie battle: We have an ancient wall that was likely built to keep the Others from infecting those in the south of the continent. We have the unexpected emergence of the Others in the north, though they are generally believed to be creatures of fairy tales. And we have them creating new Others – a swarm that must travel south to feed. I can’t wait to see what happens. I’m expecting some zombie mayhem.

Game of Thrones is a great series, regardless – but I’m happy to find a little living-dead action in there. Because everything is better with zombies, right?

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Jun 15
The Battle of Yonkers, as illustrated in Max Brooks' World War Z

The Battle of Yonkers, as illustrated in Max Brooks' World War Z

The upcoming World War Z movie is finally stumbling into production. The week we’ve learned that, along with Brad Pitt, the cast will include Matthew Fox of Lost. It is also rumored that the cast will include James Badge Dale of The Conspirator and Anthony Mackie of The Hurt Locker — we can’t wait to see these guys kick some zombie butt!

The film will be shot in Glasgow, Scotland, which will be gussied up to look like an apocalyptic Philadelphia. If you’re anywhere near Glasgow, check out this casting call: They’re looking for men and women of all ages — we’re guessing some good zombie makeup will be involved.

World War Z is the film adaptation of Max Brooks‘ 2006 novel, World War Z. No one seems to be clear on the film’s delivery date. We’ve read summer 2012, 2013 and 2014. Whenever it comes, we’ll be ready for this zombie apocalypse.

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Apr 26

We first blogged about Rick Genest, aka Zombie Boy, two years ago. Then, the story was about his amazing full-body zombie tattoos and body modifications. The man has done nearly everything he can to turn himself into a walking corpse outside of actually dying.

Lady Gaga and Rick Genest in the "Born This Way" video

Lady Gaga and Rick Genest in the "Born This Way" video

Now, the story is how his career has taken off. Through his Facebook page, Genest was discovered by some big names in entertainment and fashion. In January, the real-life zombie was a Paris runway model for designer Theirry Mugler. In February, he appeared in Lady Gaga’s video for “Born This Way,” alongside the diva herself, suited up in full zombie make-up to match his tattoos. More recently, Genest appeared in Vogue Hommes Japan and is shooting a small role in next year’s 47 Ronin with Keanu Reeves.

Rick Genest in Vogue Hommes Japan

Rick Genest in Vogue Hommes Japan

And we’re thrilled. Like, Thriller-thrilled, because Genest has turned his body into a work of art — zombie art. He deserves recognition for his work.

Rick Genest in January's Thierry Mugler Runway Show

Rick Genest in January's Thierry Mugler Runway Show

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Apr 04

"Bad Republican, No Brain" by OnTask on FlickrLast weekend, Wisconsin protesters organized a zombie walk to bring attention to an important cause: The lack of brains in the Tea Party-led state legislature. Dozens of hungry zombies stumbled around Madison, Wisconsin — no Tea Party brains could be found.

This video of the zombie walk is pretty epic — watch till the end for some killer zombie action.

via Dangerous Minds

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Mar 23

Using a humdrum landscape painting from a thrift shop and an active, zombie infested imagination, a Richmond, Virginia artist created this:

landscape painting with zombies

Zombies in the Meadow by Tracy Kennedy

It’s already been sold on etsy, but there are more on the way. Check out her short YouTube movie of the painting, complete with a creepy audio track:

You can follow happatk’s etsy page here.

[source: reddit]

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Mar 22

zombie slayer wedding invite
By Manuel Morgado, found on reddit

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