Feb 19

After Max Brooks‘ revelation of the first recorded zombie attack in ancient Hierakonpolis appeared in the Zombie Survival Guide, Archeology magazine published a piece detailing the Hierakonpolis zombie site and the menace of zombie infection to the archeological community.

The piece includes an interview with Max Brooks, plus a rundown of zombie fighting techniques likely to be useful to field archeologists, including maneuvers that incorporate common excavation tools like the trowel and shovel.

The article warns archeologists to heed the threat of zombies carefully when researching, concluding that precautions “may seem absurd, but you won’t think its funny when you are feasting on the corpses of your friends and fellow researchers, in fact, you won’t be thinking at all.” (Via Archeology)

2 Responses to “Archeology Magazine Covers Hierakonpolis Zombie Excavation”

  1. jozzy says:

    i totally think the story is true

  2. Alex says:

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