Mar 26

Dead Set Zombie Davina

Dead Set, a “reality” TV show where zombies invade the set of Big Brother, debuted in the UK last October and was rebroadcast this January. There’s still no word on when this (or any UK zombie show) will hit primetime in the US, but the show has been licensed by four international TV stations in Sweden, Spain, Africa, and Australia.

Can’t wait to see some reality TV divas get their ribcages torn out by zombie hordes? Find some clips on E4′s website and YouTube, or get the DVD box set from

(Via Zombie Reporting Center)

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  2. Sony says:

    Just got back from the honeymoon and we are still pinickg up the pieces. We have not opened all of our gifts yet even, but we did open a few and one was Qwirkle, so that was pretty awesome. I doubt we get much to the table with all the moving in going on.

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