Apr 30

Bill Murray Rumors are flying around about Bill Murray appearing in the upoming film, Zombieland. We’re pretty sure he’s never played a zombie before … unless his reticent role in Lost in Translation counts as past zombie experience.

Although the producers are mum on Murray’s involvement, he was seen around Atlanta when Zombieland scenes were filmed there, so we’re going to believe the buzz.

Zombieland comes out in October this year. We’re hoping it’s a genre-bender, but we’ll settle for smart and funny gore.

3 Responses to “Bill Murray in Zombieland?”

  1. Natalia says:

    They do exist. Our trailer park is full of them. If we were alowled crossbows and guns we would have already took care of it. I would carry on as I do everyday, take out the trash, get the mail. A virus did’nt cause ours bad water did. I say zombies because 80 % of the people who live here are on mood altering drugs to keep them mellow. The only difference is they don’t eat human flesh they prefer wild turkey and deer.

  2. Evdokia says:

    First off, weapons!!! Ill gatehr up some people(10 at most) and each will have one of their own weapon and a knife. Then after that somebody will have no weapons, but a big bag. That will be full of food(mostly canned!) and water(not plastic)I will have a sword and 2 pistals. Brother has swords ^.^but after that we will TRY and get a money truck, if we can’t get in then a big truck. We will also have some oil in the back of it! after we are ready to go, where driving to the mall in Miami!! Because it closes very secure, and is pretty big. So that’s our shelter, and we kill when[if] they get in. me and my sister got talking about this before ad txted a like 2 hour plan of what we will do if something happens.I have another for the end of the world too!

  3. Zeynep says:

    You seek to portray Biblical thtrus in a negative light ehhh? hmmm can’t people come up with anything new really ? where’s the challenge ?Does not anyone have real knowledge and challenging questions ?anyways I will assume here that you are an uneducated juvenile , no my dear he did not come back that way and for the record and just in case you really don’t know their are no such things as zombies.lol

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