Apr 01

Although Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is not due to release until April 8, some booksellers are selling the book in advance. Publishers are usually not happy with these unofficial pre-releases because they can lower the book’s first week sales, but they can also increase buzz if the feedback from early sales is good.

I am personally thrilled with P&P&Z‘s accidental pre-release — it means I got my copy last night!! I’ll post a review here once I’m done, and hell, I’m so psyched, I’m even posting pictures of my book after the jump.

For those stuck waiting till the official release, the publisher has released the first three chapters online for free, and more reviews are pouring in. Boing Boing recently gave the book a mixed review, but this is mostly because Cory Doctorow doesn’t like Jane Austen. I am an Austen fan and am loving the book so far.

My copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (click to enlarge).

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