Apr 13

Entertainment journalists are running wild with the recent story that Woody Harrelson attacked a paparazzo. Harrelson’s excuse? He thought the photographer was a zombie.

He explained that he just wrapped shooting for the upcoming horror comedy Zombieland and was still in character. In the film, he plays “the most frightened person on Earth” during a zombie outbreak, according to IMDB. Hey, the zombocalypse can be traumatic — give the guy a break!

We’re psyched about the film, which is due to release this October. You can see photos of the set in the Marietta, Georgia here, here and here. More details about the actual shooting can be found here and here.

We’re hoping that Harrelson’s recent zombie attack plug (whether it was intentional or not) gets Zombieland more attention — we’re psyched to hear more about the project!

Update: According to this article, Harrelson plays a badass in Zombieland, while the “most frightened person on Earth” is played by Jesse Eisenberg. A much more likely scenario.

2 Responses to “Woody Harrelson Stuck in Zombieland”

  1. If only Woody, if only.

  2. xiann says:

    Guess he’s a method actor :)

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