May 13

The zombie plague has begun, but it hasn’t yet spread to humans. The infectious agent isn’t a virus — it’s a parasitic fly that attacks fire ants by laying eggs.

Ant-Decapitating Fly and Fire Ants

The zombification begins when the egg hatches and a maggot eats the fire ant’s brains. The ant later reanimates, walking around until its head falls off.

In a risky move, some Texas researchers are releasing this parasitic fly to combat fire ant infestation across the state. When will this parasite mutate and begin attacking humans? Could we already be in the process of mutation, with maggots already eating their way through the brains of unwitting Texans?

A zombie maggot plague? I guess this B-movie plot had to hatch in Texas.

(Photo via Alexander Wild on flickr)

2 Responses to “Attack of the Zombie Fire Ants”

  1. Sayma says:

    When I read that this morning, I rehaecd the quote by the government advisor (Professor Neil Ferguson), and scrolled back to double-check the article wasn’t posted on April 1st.Btw, if you ever suspect a friend of being a zombie (the covert, nimble, intelligent kind touched upon in the article), just hand them an iPhone. Touch capacitive screens don’t respond to the fingers of the undead, so it seems the Jesus phone does have a useful function after all.(Also hi! I hope my using Technorati to find bloggers I haven’t heard of in half-a-decade ago doesn’t come across as a bit creepy. <_<)

  2. Nanette says:

    just try get passed my tplrie firewall :o perfectly honest though, i read this in complete darkness in an empty, quiet house on my laptop and checked to make sure the power was still on :-p good scare :) Comment by losercomment on November 15, 2012 at 3:07 am

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