Mar 30

Every year The Washington Post‘s style section hosts a diorama competition. The primary rule: All characters must be Peeps. Pop culture and puns are strongly encouraged.

One of the semifinalists this year: “Peeps and Prejudice and Zombies” (no. 18) — awesome!

No zombies were found in this year’s winner. However, I might be willing to consider the main character in semifinalist “A Peep into Dr. Frankenstein’s Lab: Master It Lives!” (no. 27) undead.

3 Responses to “P&P&Z Peep Diorama”

  1. xiann says:

    I want close-ups! :)

  2. Hugo says:

    This is really good :)

  3. sheribomb says:

    It is awesome! Just to clarify, Zombie Slash did not make this diorama — we’re just posting about it! :)

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