Jun 17

Zombie Adolf Hitler

Zombie FUBAR is a forthcoming comic anthology of World War II zombie stories expected in Fall 2010. Considering the awesome World War II zombie art already featured on the website, this is going to be a spectacular read.

just another old fashioned zombie love song - FUBAR

Also featured is the first few pages of one of the anthology’s 12 stories, Mother Russia by Jeff McComsey.

mother russia zombie story
(Check out the rest of the Mother Russia preview here.)

Although the full list of participating artists and writers is not yet out, we’re looking forward to getting this indie comics publication into our hot little hands later this year.

3 Responses to “World War II Zombie Comics in Zombie FUBAR”

  1. J. McComsey says:

    Hey thanks, Zombie Slash!
    Us small press guys need all the love we can get. I would love to do an interview building up to the release. In about a month the book should be done and I’d love to shoot a digital copy over to you folks for a review!

    -Hit me up and thanks again.

  2. Right now we’re working on an iPhone/android game for FUBAR that should be done in about 20 hours… (then of course submitting it to the respective stores.) Jeff McComsey himself is here working on it with us. http://www.postagevfx.com/2011/03/and-so-it-begins/

  3. sabrina says:

    i love the zombie hitler one i would totally us it on my poster about world war 2 but it is not school apporpriete for school

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