Aug 16

What music goes best with zombies? Bombastic symphonic pieces, as exemplified by Romero’s classic soundtrack. The hard driving clamor of horror punk? Or the innumerable genres of extreme metal, like death, black, and goregrind?

These are all great and capture the dark, diabolical essence of zombies. But a relatively new and unknown genre of electronic music may be more suitable: dubstep. I’ll let this mashup demonstrate:

Dubstep’s cadence stands out as jerky and lurching, reminiscent of a zombie’s walk. The wobbling, grimey, and growling basslines are distressed and unsettling, but strangely hypnotic, much like a zombie’s moan. The layers of samples and effects often contribute an eerie atmosphere. Even dubstep producers recognize the similarities. Listen to this, this (embedded below), this, and this.

There’s zombies in there!

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