Nov 05

The zombie apocalypse is at hand, the city’s been quarantined, it’s martial law. You are an auto mechanic determined to hightail it out of the city using the fastest means available: your car. Unfortunately, the military has been authorized to shoot civilians on sight and zombies are more than willing to latch onto your car and eat you. And these are the least of your worries.

In Road of the Dead you’re behind the wheel of a modified muscle car, flying down the interstate, dodging burnt out cars and innocent civilians, running down gruesome zombies and merciless soldiers, all the while uncovering the real intentions of the military. Your goal is to reach the tunnel out of the city before… well, something very bad happens.

This is one of the most immersive Flash zombie games I’ve played. The gameplay is tight and the storyline is compelling enough to feel the apprehension and determination of a survivor. I recommend it.

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