Dec 03

Dead Rising Screenshot
Screenshot from Dead Rising

The New York Times has a rather interesting piece on zombies, titled “My Zombie, Myself: Why Modern Life Feels Rather Undead.” Even that esteemed newspaper can’t ignore the zombie phenomenon and seeks to find the underlying reasons for their rise in popularity.

The hypothesis is compelling, if not strikingly concise: “Zombies are just so easy to kill.” According to the author, battling zombies provides a vivid allegory for our repetitious, Internet-oriented lives. However many emails we delete, YouTube videos we watch, or news sites we frequent, the information is relentless and inexhaustible. We do our best to manage this overload, but one slip-up and we’re overcome.

Zombies are easy to kill, but they keep coming, and coming, and coming.

2 Responses to “NY Times: Our modern lives are filled with zombies”

  1. [...] help but think this method of storytelling is something of a throwback to some analysis of modern information overload and the zombie pop phenomenon we talked about in 2010. But mostly, I can’t wait to find out where this story is going. [...]

  2. Ramy says:

    Bastard: Ihan ok, kunhan ei esim. hsiissse4, jossa olen miehen kanssa kahden. Miehet voisivat yritte4e4 tuijottaa sillain, etten huomaa, siis ainakin niinku pyrkie4 siihen, vaikka ehke4 ihan aina ei onnistuisi. Eike4 mielelle4e4n esim. tyf6paikalla kuitenkaan (ainakaan niin, ette4 huomaan) eike4 varsinkaan kesken keskustelun. Siite4 en tykke4isi.

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