Mar 22

I saw these great zombie movie posters on reddit today:

Living Dead Strike Back

Something about Han Solo as the living dead really works …

Toy Gory

… and I really dug how Mr. Potato Head has lost several parts in Toy Gory. He is the perfect zombie toy candidate.

Find a few more on the zombies subreddit.

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  1. Cake says:

    wife has a bridal shwoer on Saturday (while I watch the kids) and then a Breast Cancer walk on Sunday. Not really sure how much gaming I’ll be getting in, but my friends and I are going to try yet again to conquer the 3rd Quest of the Hobbit. It’s going on try #19 if my math is correct, so frustrating. It might be only slightly easier this time around since we’d been playing it wrong (lol!) and doing both the riddle AND the When revealed effect on a card. (more discussion over at the Hobbit discussion area). Might squeeze in some gaming Sunday night too if there’s time, perhaps something random from my closet or maybe a new game. Lords of Waterdeep still intrigues me.

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