Zombie Slash observes and discusses the undead invasion of pop culture. We’re bridging the gap between zombies as a b-movie phenomena and an a-list genre.

Zombie Slash is dedicated to the discussion of zombie crossover with other genres, like comedy, romance, musicals, and more, and how it evolves in established media, such as literature, games, and film. We want to know how zombies are influencing today’s art and culture.

The blog is currently written by three people who love reading, writing, art, film, games, music, and zombies.

  • xiann: Web designer, writer, fun-loving cartoonist.
  • sheribomb: Graduate student in writing, scientist, extreme novelist.
  • Jim: Digital humanist, internet junkie, atheist philosopher.

You can contact us by leaving comments on the blog, filling in our contact form, or emailing zombieslash – AT – zombieslash.com.