Jun 11

zombie panda pet
Photo from DeviantCandy

This blissfully undead panda needs a hug. And your brains.

We came across some very cute zombie jewelry from Marie at DeviantCandy. Check out of her work, including other zombie pets,  zombie hand pendants, and skull bows on her Facebook page and Etsy store.

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Apr 20

Here at Zombie Slash, we have an awesome blogging team. One of our bloggers, xiann, is also the brainsss behind Sticky Comics, a hilarious, often ridiculously so, webcomic. Her most recent comic: Zombie Pig Pen. We are in zombie love.

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Apr 14

Ring Binder Zombie Killer

Check out the Stationery of Horror here.

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Mar 30

Every year The Washington Post‘s style section hosts a diorama competition. The primary rule: All characters must be Peeps. Pop culture and puns are strongly encouraged.

One of the semifinalists this year: “Peeps and Prejudice and Zombies” (no. 18) — awesome!

No zombies were found in this year’s winner. However, I might be willing to consider the main character in semifinalist “A Peep into Dr. Frankenstein’s Lab: Master It Lives!” (no. 27) undead.

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Mar 23

zombie kittens by Jim Benton
I hereby challenge you to find me a more adorable zombie drawing. Drawing by Jim Benton (creator of the famous It’s All About Me bunny.)

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Dec 08

They have so many zombie shirts right now at Threadless, I couldn’t stop myself from picking favorites. Here is my selection of zombie shirts that scream, “I love zombies and fashion!” — as they’re torn apart by the horde.

THIS Is How The World Ends:


The Horde:

So, buy ‘em for yourself and your friends! And, if they’re gone, ask for reprints so I can buy them as Easter gifts.

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Jun 19

zombie lego army

Artist and toymaker Brian Colin created some small acrylic paintings of a zombie lego invasion. Legos + Gore = awesome. Check them out here.

(via BoingBoing)

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May 17

It’s time to get that zombie hunting trophy you’ve long deserved. Here’s a one of a kind piece for your own private freak show, shot and mounted in 1969 by Kevin Klemm and for sale at Hyaena Gallery.

mounted zombie head

(via Kevin Klemm on twitter)

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May 01

free comic book dayTomorrow is Free Comic Book Day, that special day of the year when you can just walk into a comic book store and walk out with free comics. Legally, that is.

There are some fantastic-looking comics among this year’s free offerings, such as Attack Of The Alterna-Zombies!, which features Jesus Hates Zombies. FEARNet has a preview of several pages of Jesus Hates Zombies — here’s a nice snippet with Jesus, Abraham Lincoln and a zombie horde:

We can’t wait to get our hands on some of these on Saturday — thanks Free Comic Book Day crew!

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Apr 30

We spotted some beautiful zombie tattoos on Flickr today, which turned out to be the work of Stefano Alcantara, a US-based Peruvian artist who does amazing fantasy and photorealistic tattoo work.

Angelina Jolie Zombie Tatoo

zombie tatoo

These photos were probably posted to promote Alcantara’s recent guest appearance at the Last Rites Tattoo Theater in New York City, which looks like a dark fantasy mecca.

Check out Alcantara’s website for more of his work, and the Last Rites Flickr photostream for more stunning tattoo art.

(via ruperticus on twitter)

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