Mar 22

I saw these great zombie movie posters on reddit today:

Living Dead Strike Back

Something about Han Solo as the living dead really works …

Toy Gory

… and I really dug how Mr. Potato Head has lost several parts in Toy Gory. He is the perfect zombie toy candidate.

Find a few more on the zombies subreddit.

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Oct 15

Western Michigan Zombie Easter Egg

We all appreciated Newsweek’s coverage of the zombie apocalypse in June. Now here’s another easter egg: Visit the Western Michigan University site at and press the Z and V keys (on your keyboard) at the same time. You will receive a warning. School’s out until the zombie hoards are destroyed! Please stay home if you are sick …

(If they remove the zombie alert, here’s a screenshot of what the easter egg looks like now. Hold onto your brains!)

Sep 28

Mary Poppins

I was listening to some clips from some of my favorite British comedians’ radio show, That Mitchell and Webb Sound, when I came across this great radio sketch called Zombie Poppins. It’s pretty ridiculous and fun. Of course someone uploaded it to YouTube so you can listen to it here:

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