Apr 13

Entertainment journalists are running wild with the recent story that Woody Harrelson attacked a paparazzo. Harrelson’s excuse? He thought the photographer was a zombie.

He explained that he just wrapped shooting for the upcoming horror comedy Zombieland and was still in character. In the film, he plays “the most frightened person on Earth” during a zombie outbreak, according to IMDB. Hey, the zombocalypse can be traumatic — give the guy a break!

We’re psyched about the film, which is due to release this October. You can see photos of the set in the Marietta, Georgia here, here and here. More details about the actual shooting can be found here and here.

We’re hoping that Harrelson’s recent zombie attack plug (whether it was intentional or not) gets Zombieland more attention — we’re psyched to hear more about the project!

Update: According to this article, Harrelson plays a badass in Zombieland, while the “most frightened person on Earth” is played by Jesse Eisenberg. A much more likely scenario.

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Apr 10

Castlevania I’d always thought of Castlevania as a vampire game, but rumor has it (according to IMDB’s plot synopsis) that the 2011 movie based on the classic games series will be brimming with zombies.

According the anonymous source on IMDB, a vampire killer travels to Transylvania and “fights his way through legions of zombies, gigantic bats, and even faces Death himself” as he hunts Count Dracula. We’re in.

The movie will be produced by Resident Evil director Paul W.S. Anderson, whose past experience making scary video game-based zombie films has me hoping that Castlevania will be better than Double Dragon and Doom.

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Apr 09

Night of the Living Dead If you’re into zombies for more then the guts and gore and are going to be in the Boston area next week, we recommend that you attend Science on Screen: Night of the Living Dead with psychiatrist Steven C. Schlozman. Prior to watching Romero’s cinematographic opus, Night of the Living Dead, Schlozman will “discuss the theoretical neuroscience of zombies and the psychological effects they have on others.” Fascinating stuff.

Here at Zombie Slash, we’ve already explored the psychological underpinnings of our fascination with the undead, and wonder what a Harvard professor of psychiatry has to say about it. Going one step further, Schlozman will explore people’s hypothetical state of mind when confronted with a zombie attack. What causes them to increasingly regress to a zombie-like state without being infected? The end result maybe resembling what Max Brooks calls “Quizlings”?

We hope you can attend this intriguing lecture and enjoy the movie with a new mind, no pun intended.

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Mar 31

What will you do when the undead hit your neighborhood? Get some practice with these choose-your-own-zombie-adventures!

The Outbreak is a choose-your-own-adventure zombie film that was released last fall. The film is interactive and online, which makes for at least fifteen minutes of fantastic entertainment. Although the production is B-movie quality, the interactivity and availability give it an A in zombiliciousness. (Hint: if you don’t survive the feeding frenzy on your first attempt, click “chapter select” to go back a step.)

Check out the trailer below, or go straight to the site for zombie action.

If you’re looking for a more traditional choose-your-own-zombie-adventure, look no further than the newly released Zombie Bank Run. The story follows Samuel Nelson, a man who lost it all in the Great Depression, and might just lose his life too in the zombie apocalypse.

As you might expect, Zombie Bank Run isn’t the finest literature out there, but it definitely gets bonus points for creativity and, of course, for zombies, and provides at least a good hour of zombie fun. Get started on the adventure here!

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Mar 18

We’re psyched that the upcoming film Dead of Night, which is based on the Dylan Dog comic books by Tiziano Sclavi, is currently being shot in New Orleans. In the film Dylan Dog, a private detective who gets drawn into a dark world of zombies and vampires, is played by Brandon Routh of Superman Returns. Kevin Munroe directs and Sam Huntington, who also starred with Routh in Superman, will play his sidekick.

If you’re like us and can’t wait to see Sclavi’s zombies in action, check out this awesome animated version of the Dead of Night comic book.

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Mar 16

Coming your way in 2010 may be the most epic and ambitious zombie film yet, World War Z, based on the novel by Max Brooks. We’re waiting for news about the casting (and crossing our fingers for some Brad Pitt!), but in the meanwhile, really dig this alleged concept art by Dan LuVisis.

The Battle of Yonkers (World War Z) by Dan LuVisis

Above: The Battle of Yonkers

Although some of the details here are sketchy compared to the book (Soldiers on roofs? And where are the portajohns?), I love its scale and action. Here’s hoping the movie looks something like this.

Check out io9′s story and image gallery for more info and detail shots of this huge digital painting.

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Mar 10

The zombies are coming in IMAX 3D! Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will likely be the first zombie movie to come out in this format — we’ll be there with disposable glasses on.

The new Harry Potter trailer came out last week, giving us a much better look than before at the inferi in HD.

Zombies in Harry Potter (click to enlarge)

After some research into the matter (or, uh, browsing the Harry Potter Wiki), we’ve decided that inferi are definitely zombies. JK Rowling, we’re onto you and your fancy, made-up Latin terms!

If you can’t get enough of Harry Potter and Zombies, check out this great Zombie Harry and Hermione — and the extra pictures after the jump. Continue reading »

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Feb 24

Zombie Jesus! (2007) is a short film that explores the Jesus zombie lore (as we explored in a previous post) in a typical Midwestern US B-movie setting. The main character returns to her tiny hometown and teams up with a local Jew named Isaac to save the town from the cold, dead hands of Zombie Jesus.

We haven’t seen the movie, which has yet to come out on DVD, but some reviewers are lauding the awesome terribleness it contributed to the 2007 Toronto Film Festival, so we’ll stay tuned.

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Feb 23

If you’ve read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (aka Harry Potter 6) you might remember the dramatic scene where Harry and Dumbledore escape a cave infested with reanimated corpses, which are called inferi in the Potterverse. But if you’re a zombie fan, you might also have asked yourself, “Reanimated corpses? Aren’t those … zombies?”

With the sixth movie due in July, new clips and trailers are constantly showing up on the internet. In the most recent trailer, we get our first look at the inferi — looking pretty zombie-like if you ask me.

You can get a glimpse of them in action around 1:38 in the trailer. We’re looking forward to seeing the full scene in the movie!

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Feb 17

What To Do In A Zombie Attack (2006) is a retro 1950s mockumentary that features the struggle of a typical, god-fearing, commie-hating American family to deal with a zombie invasion.

Rated B for Bad Acting, Low Budget, and Extreme Camp, What To Do In A Zombie Attack is 13 minutes long and available on DVD. (Via ZombiesAreComing.com)

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