Oct 15

Western Michigan Zombie Easter Egg

We all appreciated Newsweek’s coverage of the zombie apocalypse in June. Now here’s another easter egg: Visit the Western Michigan University site at wmich.edu and press the Z and V keys (on your keyboard) at the same time. You will receive a warning. School’s out until the zombie hoards are destroyed! Please stay home if you are sick …

(If they remove the zombie alert, here’s a screenshot of what the easter egg looks like now. Hold onto your brains!)

Sep 27

The new Walking Dead AMC TV series premieres on Halloween, October 31. As Halloween approaches, there are some great new videos going around for us to watch in anticipation.

AMC just put out a new “behind the scenes” look at the show:

And one of the most celebrated fan-made opening titles is going around. We love the use of the original art from the books.

For older bonus viewing, check out the official trailer for the series:

Also, here’s a video that gives some background on “Zombie School”, where the directors of the show trained their hordes of zombies extras.

If you haven’t read the books yet, I definitely recommend them. Although I have high hopes for this TV series, the books are a character-driven glimpse into a bleak human/zombie future, masterfully told in comic art. But if you love zombies and comics, you probably already know what I’m talking about.

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Aug 18

Now I’m not sure how well a mixed martial artist would do against a zombie attack, considering MMA fighters don’t train to defend against biting. But there is one MMA fighter who may survive by, of all things, joining the zombie horde: Chan Sung “The Korean Zombie” Jung.

This featherweight powerhouse gets his name from his uncanny ability to move forward in a fight, even after taking a ton of damage. Pretty appropriate name if you ask me! Just watch his past fights—especially his fight of the decade performance against Leonard Garcia—to get an idea of his zombie-like behavior.

And we here at Zombie Slash definitely approve of Jung’s official Korean Zombie t-shirt.

korean zombie shirt
(The  t-shirt for MMA horror fans)

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Jul 05

the Waking Dead zombie TV series

As a fan of the post-apocalyptic zombie comic book series, The Walking Dead, I’m psyched for the new AMC TV series based on the books! The show premieres this October.

Among the the latest Walking Dead news, the show’s zombie makeup mastermind, Greg Nicotero, gave an interview on AMC’s blog last week that reveals some of the details of his work. I’m happy to see he draws primarily on the fresh zombie art from the comic books for visual style. Here’s a preview of some of his work:


waking dead tv series zombie make-up artist

Check out the full interview here and a round up of other interviews and fresh photos from the set on AMC’s Waking Dead blog here.

Images from AMC’s Waking Dead blog

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Jun 30


BoingBoing posted this photo from the International Make-Up Artist Trade Show yesterday. Prepare to be boarded!

UPDATE: This zombie pirate has been identified as Mic the Scallywag from Northern California. He does all his own makeup, costume design and distressing, prop building, and custom leatherwork.

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Jun 29

George Romero
Photo from TIME.com

The TIME magazine website is featuring a short interview with legendary zombie film director, George Romero. In the interview, Romero answers ten reader-submitted questions, and reveals that he doesn’t like the new trends in horror films, and isn’t at all rushing out to see the latest zombie films. He says his favorite film ever is The Tales of Hoffman. I haven’t seen it but am intrigued.

Check out the full interview here.

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Jun 22

When it comes to PC and Mac, Zombies know where the food is:

You should check out other funny stuff at 909sickle.com.

Jun 15

newsweek with zombie news

Newsweek is secretly covering the zombie apocalypse. As of right now, you can visit Newsweek.com and use the classic Konami cheat code: [UP] [UP] [DOWN] [DOWN] [LEFT] [RIGHT] [LEFT] [RIGHT] [B] [A] [ENTER]. Once you have entered this on your keyboard, Newsweek gives you the latest news about the rising zombie hordes.

Because the Powers That Be are likely to sweep this news under the carpet sometime soon, here’s a full screen grab of zombie Newsweek. Continue reading »

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Apr 20

Here at Zombie Slash, we have an awesome blogging team. One of our bloggers, xiann, is also the brainsss behind Sticky Comics, a hilarious, often ridiculously so, webcomic. Her most recent comic: Zombie Pig Pen. We are in zombie love.

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Apr 14

Ring Binder Zombie Killer

Check out the Stationery of Horror here.

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