Mar 22

I saw these great zombie movie posters on reddit today:

Living Dead Strike Back

Something about Han Solo as the living dead really works …

Toy Gory

… and I really dug how Mr. Potato Head has lost several parts in Toy Gory. He is the perfect zombie toy candidate.

Find a few more on the zombies subreddit.

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Feb 25

Get chased by zombies in your own neighborhood! Streetview Zombie Apocalypse by Mike Lacher lets you enter any address and try to evade the zombie horde in Google Streetview. Spoiler alert: You will inevitably lose. But hey, we all know the zombies will win in the end.

Streetview Zombie Apocalypse - Losing Screen

via Boing Boing

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Dec 03

Dead Rising Screenshot
Screenshot from Dead Rising

The New York Times has a rather interesting piece on zombies, titled “My Zombie, Myself: Why Modern Life Feels Rather Undead.” Even that esteemed newspaper can’t ignore the zombie phenomenon and seeks to find the underlying reasons for their rise in popularity.

The hypothesis is compelling, if not strikingly concise: “Zombies are just so easy to kill.” According to the author, battling zombies provides a vivid allegory for our repetitious, Internet-oriented lives. However many emails we delete, YouTube videos we watch, or news sites we frequent, the information is relentless and inexhaustible. We do our best to manage this overload, but one slip-up and we’re overcome.

Zombies are easy to kill, but they keep coming, and coming, and coming.

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Nov 10

We here at Zombie Slash love headlines like this: All Life on Earth Could Have Come From Alien Zombies.

Did life on earth originate from spacefaring zombie microbes? Maybe. The real question is whether the dormant genetic vestiges of these zombie microbes will eventually cause a zombie Apocalypse and the total annihilation of the earth, thus continuing their mindless interstellar infection. Just asking questions here.

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Nov 05

The zombie apocalypse is at hand, the city’s been quarantined, it’s martial law. You are an auto mechanic determined to hightail it out of the city using the fastest means available: your car. Unfortunately, the military has been authorized to shoot civilians on sight and zombies are more than willing to latch onto your car and eat you. And these are the least of your worries.

In Road of the Dead you’re behind the wheel of a modified muscle car, flying down the interstate, dodging burnt out cars and innocent civilians, running down gruesome zombies and merciless soldiers, all the while uncovering the real intentions of the military. Your goal is to reach the tunnel out of the city before… well, something very bad happens.

This is one of the most immersive Flash zombie games I’ve played. The gameplay is tight and the storyline is compelling enough to feel the apprehension and determination of a survivor. I recommend it.

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Oct 25

I recently picked up Zombie Dice, a quaint little dice game by Steve Jackson Games. If you’re looking for a quick and fun zombie diversion, this one fits the bill.

It’s a simple game where you play a zombie and roll dice that represent human victims. Depending on the roll, you get to eat the victim’s brain, the lucky bastard gets away, or the sonofabitch shotguns you! You can then push your luck to eat more brains, but if you get shotgunned three times, you’re out. I recommend having a sense of humor and a vivid imagination. Now go eat some brains!

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Oct 23

The folks over at organized a video interview with Max Brooks, author of The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z. In the interview, Brooks answers ten of the top questions submitted to reddit, some of which are intriguing, some absurd, but all elicit great responses from the famed zombie aficionado.

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Oct 18

The bad news is that Natalie Portman recently backed out of the leading role in the upcoming film based on Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. The good news is Scarlett Johansson is now rumored to be considering the role. We’re expecting her performace to be some combination between her roles in The Other Boleyn Girl and Iron Man 2 — holy hot zombie-killing action!

In addition to killing zombies in P&P&Z, Johansson might soon be playing a zombie on screen. The actress is also rumored to be attached to the film adaptation of Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament. In the film, Johansson would presumably play Rita, the main character’s zombie love interest and attendee of Undead Anonymous. Killer!

To celebrate these awesome occurrences, we share with you this video of Scarlett being photoshopped into a zombie:

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Oct 15

Western Michigan Zombie Easter Egg

We all appreciated Newsweek’s coverage of the zombie apocalypse in June. Now here’s another easter egg: Visit the Western Michigan University site at and press the Z and V keys (on your keyboard) at the same time. You will receive a warning. School’s out until the zombie hoards are destroyed! Please stay home if you are sick …

(If they remove the zombie alert, here’s a screenshot of what the easter egg looks like now. Hold onto your brains!)

Oct 04

978 zombie things posterby

Today I had a chance to explore a “ridiculously detailed” poster of 978 zombie movies, books, and games. It’s an oddly meditative experience for zombie fans.

The creators also apparently run the DailyZombieFilm twitter feed which tweets a new link to a zombie film every day, featuring pretty much all the zombie b-movie titles you can imagine, from Kung Fu Zombie to Zombie Bikini Squad and many, many more.

Go check out the poster here.

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