Mar 23

Using a humdrum landscape painting from a thrift shop and an active, zombie infested imagination, a Richmond, Virginia artist created this:

landscape painting with zombies

Zombies in the Meadow by Tracy Kennedy

It’s already been sold on etsy, but there are more on the way. Check out her short YouTube movie of the painting, complete with a creepy audio track:

You can follow happatk’s etsy page here.

[source: reddit]

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Oct 04

978 zombie things posterby

Today I had a chance to explore a “ridiculously detailed” poster of 978 zombie movies, books, and games. It’s an oddly meditative experience for zombie fans.

The creators also apparently run the DailyZombieFilm twitter feed which tweets a new link to a zombie film every day, featuring pretty much all the zombie b-movie titles you can imagine, from Kung Fu Zombie to Zombie Bikini Squad and many, many more.

Go check out the poster here.

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Aug 12

Eat Brains Love with Julia Roberts

Like most people, I kinda hate Julia Roberts. Here is an excellent parody poster … although if Julia Roberts actually made this zombie movie, I might upgrade my attitude toward her acting career.

Found via Laughing Squid.

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Jul 22

We’ve told you before about the fantastic zombie shirts at Threadless. We’re thrilled to tell you that they have now reached a new level of awesome.

In the first volume of their new Comics-On Tees line, four shirts tell the story of a dreamy zombie apocalypse. Each shirt is its own “issue” designed by a different artist. Although there are four issues in the volume, only three of them actually depict zombies — the first one is just really cute.

"Every Night I Have the Same Dream" at Threadless

Threadless released these shirts in conjunction with a new design challenge — submit your own comics-themed shirt designs by August 12. More zombies please!

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Jun 21

narwhal kills zombie
Image from tinaseamonster

We stopped by tinaseamonster’s etsy shop today, where they’re selling this narwhals vs. zombies t-shirt. It turns out that Narwhals have some zombie killing game, but we’re still a little worried about the possibility of zombie narwhals. The oceans will never be safe again. Continue reading »

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Apr 14

Ring Binder Zombie Killer

Check out the Stationery of Horror here.

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Mar 30

Every year The Washington Post‘s style section hosts a diorama competition. The primary rule: All characters must be Peeps. Pop culture and puns are strongly encouraged.

One of the semifinalists this year: “Peeps and Prejudice and Zombies” (no. 18) — awesome!

No zombies were found in this year’s winner. However, I might be willing to consider the main character in semifinalist “A Peep into Dr. Frankenstein’s Lab: Master It Lives!” (no. 27) undead.

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Dec 08

They have so many zombie shirts right now at Threadless, I couldn’t stop myself from picking favorites. Here is my selection of zombie shirts that scream, “I love zombies and fashion!” — as they’re torn apart by the horde.

THIS Is How The World Ends:


The Horde:

So, buy ‘em for yourself and your friends! And, if they’re gone, ask for reprints so I can buy them as Easter gifts.

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Jun 19

zombie lego army

Artist and toymaker Brian Colin created some small acrylic paintings of a zombie lego invasion. Legos + Gore = awesome. Check them out here.

(via BoingBoing)

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Apr 30

We spotted some beautiful zombie tattoos on Flickr today, which turned out to be the work of Stefano Alcantara, a US-based Peruvian artist who does amazing fantasy and photorealistic tattoo work.

Angelina Jolie Zombie Tatoo

zombie tatoo

These photos were probably posted to promote Alcantara’s recent guest appearance at the Last Rites Tattoo Theater in New York City, which looks like a dark fantasy mecca.

Check out Alcantara’s website for more of his work, and the Last Rites Flickr photostream for more stunning tattoo art.

(via ruperticus on twitter)

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