Mar 16

Coming your way in 2010 may be the most epic and ambitious zombie film yet, World War Z, based on the novel by Max Brooks. We’re waiting for news about the casting (and crossing our fingers for some Brad Pitt!), but in the meanwhile, really dig this alleged concept art by Dan LuVisis.

The Battle of Yonkers (World War Z) by Dan LuVisis

Above: The Battle of Yonkers

Although some of the details here are sketchy compared to the book (Soldiers on roofs? And where are the portajohns?), I love its scale and action. Here’s hoping the movie looks something like this.

Check out io9′s story and image gallery for more info and detail shots of this huge digital painting.

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Mar 11

I’m a fan of Dunny, an action figure canvas you can mod to be whatever you want. These zombie Dunnys designed by Riot68 are irresistible.

zombie dunnys

zombie dunnys

These are some pretty cool dolls, and each is one-of-a-kind. They’ll be on sale in the Riot68 shop if you have to have one.

[ via Toycyte ]

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Mar 02

Zombie MarioWe’re laughing our decaying guts out at webcomic artist and podcaster Scott Johnson‘s 56 Zombie’s Project. The project is a follow-up to Scott’s 56 Geeks Project, a comic guide to 56 geek stereotypes.

Scott transcends the stereotypes with some of his new creations, bringing us gems like Zombie Mario, Zombie Mime and Zombie George Lucas.

The project is ongoing — only seven of the zombies have currently been posted. What’s next? We’ll accept anything but Zombie Jonas Brothers (on second thought, two Zombie Jonas brothers tearing the third apart could be fantastic).

Check out more zombies at ExtraLife and in Scott’s Flickr pool.

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