Apr 04

"Bad Republican, No Brain" by OnTask on FlickrLast weekend, Wisconsin protesters organized a zombie walk to bring attention to an important cause: The lack of brains in the Tea Party-led state legislature. Dozens of hungry zombies stumbled around Madison, Wisconsin — no Tea Party brains could be found.

This video of the zombie walk is pretty epic — watch till the end for some killer zombie action.

via Dangerous Minds

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Oct 25

I recently picked up Zombie Dice, a quaint little dice game by Steve Jackson Games. If you’re looking for a quick and fun zombie diversion, this one fits the bill.

It’s a simple game where you play a zombie and roll dice that represent human victims. Depending on the roll, you get to eat the victim’s brain, the lucky bastard gets away, or the sonofabitch shotguns you! You can then push your luck to eat more brains, but if you get shotgunned three times, you’re out. I recommend having a sense of humor and a vivid imagination. Now go eat some brains!

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