Jul 22

We’ve told you before about the fantastic zombie shirts at Threadless. We’re thrilled to tell you that they have now reached a new level of awesome.

In the first volume of their new Comics-On Tees line, four shirts tell the story of a dreamy zombie apocalypse. Each shirt is its own “issue” designed by a different artist. Although there are four issues in the volume, only three of them actually depict zombies — the first one is just really cute.

"Every Night I Have the Same Dream" at Threadless

Threadless released these shirts in conjunction with a new design challenge — submit your own comics-themed shirt designs by August 12. More zombies please!

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Jul 05

the Waking Dead zombie TV series

As a fan of the post-apocalyptic zombie comic book series, The Walking Dead, I’m psyched for the new AMC TV series based on the books! The show premieres this October.

Among the the latest Walking Dead news, the show’s zombie makeup mastermind, Greg Nicotero, gave an interview on AMC’s blog last week that reveals some of the details of his work. I’m happy to see he draws primarily on the fresh zombie art from the comic books for visual style. Here’s a preview of some of his work:


waking dead tv series zombie make-up artist

Check out the full interview here and a round up of other interviews and fresh photos from the set on AMC’s Waking Dead blog here.

Images from AMC’s Waking Dead blog

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Jun 30

zombie alphabet
Image from Commissioned Comic

The webcomic Commissioned Comic featured a rhyming comic called the Zombie Alphabet this month. The Zombie Alphabet comic starts here. It is full of fun and gore, and it looks like you can buy the whole thing on a poster! Check it out.

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Jun 17

Zombie Adolf Hitler

Zombie FUBAR is a forthcoming comic anthology of World War II zombie stories expected in Fall 2010. Considering the awesome World War II zombie art already featured on the website, this is going to be a spectacular read.

just another old fashioned zombie love song - FUBAR

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Apr 20

Here at Zombie Slash, we have an awesome blogging team. One of our bloggers, xiann, is also the brainsss behind Sticky Comics, a hilarious, often ridiculously so, webcomic. Her most recent comic: Zombie Pig Pen. We are in zombie love.

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May 01

free comic book dayTomorrow is Free Comic Book Day, that special day of the year when you can just walk into a comic book store and walk out with free comics. Legally, that is.

There are some fantastic-looking comics among this year’s free offerings, such as Attack Of The Alterna-Zombies!, which features Jesus Hates Zombies. FEARNet has a preview of several pages of Jesus Hates Zombies — here’s a nice snippet with Jesus, Abraham Lincoln and a zombie horde:

We can’t wait to get our hands on some of these on Saturday — thanks Free Comic Book Day crew!

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Apr 15

It’s hard to make zombies kid-friendly, but this animated version of It Was a Dark and Silly Night, a comic written by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by Gahan Wilson does the trick. The animation is adapted from a story in the comic series Little Lit, edited by Art Spiegelman.

And sure, the zombies in the story are really just reanimated corpses and they’re more interested in dancing than brains, but it’s a great demonstration of the potential of zombies in all facets of pop culture. Zombies can now be seen in everything from romance to reality TV to kids’ fiction. Here at Zombie Slash, we can’t wait to see what genres zombies will invade next.

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Mar 18

We’re psyched that the upcoming film Dead of Night, which is based on the Dylan Dog comic books by Tiziano Sclavi, is currently being shot in New Orleans. In the film Dylan Dog, a private detective who gets drawn into a dark world of zombies and vampires, is played by Brandon Routh of Superman Returns. Kevin Munroe directs and Sam Huntington, who also starred with Routh in Superman, will play his sidekick.

If you’re like us and can’t wait to see Sclavi’s zombies in action, check out this awesome animated version of the Dead of Night comic book.

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Mar 02

Zombie MarioWe’re laughing our decaying guts out at webcomic artist and podcaster Scott Johnson‘s 56 Zombie’s Project. The project is a follow-up to Scott’s 56 Geeks Project, a comic guide to 56 geek stereotypes.

Scott transcends the stereotypes with some of his new creations, bringing us gems like Zombie Mario, Zombie Mime and Zombie George Lucas.

The project is ongoing — only seven of the zombies have currently been posted. What’s next? We’ll accept anything but Zombie Jonas Brothers (on second thought, two Zombie Jonas brothers tearing the third apart could be fantastic).

Check out more zombies at ExtraLife and in Scott’s Flickr pool.

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Feb 23

Jesus Hates Zombies, an independent comic originally released in 2007, has a second edition out with an awesome new Spiderman-esque cover illustration of zombie-slaying Jesus.

These vividly drawn black-and-white comics feature multiple short stories about Jesus’ zombie slashing adventures. Later stories feature “Laz”, Jesus’ zombie sidekick. The second installment in Jesus Hates Zombies (2008) features even more sacrilicious gore with the bonus story, Lincoln Hates Warewolves.

Some people say that Jesus was the original zombie after he returned from the grave (not to mention the cannibalistic undertones of the Eucharist, which began at The Last Supper), but Jesus Hates Zombies clears that rumor up completely. (via GeeksOfDoom)

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