Mar 01

Besides Zombie Horse, here’s another reason why Denver is a hotspot for the living dead: next weekend’s Sexy Zombie Fashion Show.

Models will walk the runway in torn, blood-splattered apparel, zombie art will be displayed and created, and live bands will rock your brains out. Sounds like a blast!

If you’re in Denver (and sadly, I’m not!) you can respond to the casting call and check out the March 7th show at the Fashion Zombies website.

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Feb 25

Forget flying nonstop — next time you’re traveling in the West, fly through Denver and check out this amazing 32-foot tall “Zombie Horse” at the Denver International Airport.

Zombie Horse at Denver International Airport

Officially titled “Mustang”, the huge Zombie Horse was created by Luis Jiménez over a period of three years. Jiménez was fatally injured while working on the Zombie Horse when a part of the sculpture fell on him in 2006. The sculpture was completed and erected posthumously earlier this month.

Apparently some haters in Denver aren’t fond of Zombie Horse, but many people say the Denver International Airport is a pretty creepy place anyway, so I hope Zombie Horse is there to stay.

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