Feb 25

Get chased by zombies in your own neighborhood! Streetview Zombie Apocalypse by Mike Lacher lets you enter any address and try to evade the zombie horde in Google Streetview. Spoiler alert: You will inevitably lose. But hey, we all know the zombies will win in the end.

Streetview Zombie Apocalypse - Losing Screen

via Boing Boing

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Sep 15

Spotted at the Intervention Con in Rockville, MD this past weekend: Left 4 Dead Anti-Zombie Medication. Please be safe and get your own stash. You’ll be glad you did when the hordes come hunting for your tender, delicious living brain.

left 4 dead pain pills
I took this photo with my iPhone. You can buy your own from Morlock Enterprises.

Also, here’s a random Left 4 Dead machinima video about the pills for your amusement:

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Aug 14


Here’s an fun little Flash game that’ll give all you zombie lovers some misanthropic pleasure: Infectonator! World Dominator. Your goal is to dominate the game’s world of 8-bit art in as few days as possible using your abilities to infect people with a zombie-creating virus and summon special, more powerful zombies.

infectionator world dominator - game screen grab

Traveling from city to city, continent to continent, you wreak havoc on the population. After infecting a few unsuspecting victims, just watch the carnage as your zombies attack and infect the panicked humans. Imagine the chaos! Afterwards you can use the money you collected to upgrade your zombies or improve your special abilities. After a while your zombies become an unstoppable hoard of merciless perversions of nature—we wouldn’t have it any other way.

infectionator world dominator - game screen grab

But be warned, some humans can fight back with guns, which makes it all the more satisfying to summon your special zombies, including such characters as zombie Ronald MacDonald, zombie Colonel Sanders, and, my favorite, zombie Michael Jackson. Those pesky humans have no chance.

We recommend this game. It’s addictive, but given the opportunity to dominate the world using zombie hoards, I wouldn’t call it a time waster.

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Jun 02

With three new trailers for kickass zombie games, it’s been a very cool week for zombie game news.

First, we got to see the trailer for Left 4 Dead 2, which comes out this fall for XBOX 360 and PC. The zombies have escaped from quarantine, and you and your guns are all that’s left to stop them.

The trailer for Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, coming out later in the year for Wii, was also released. Looks like more crazy research lab-themed zombie hunting is in store.

And the awesome Dead Rising 2 trailer came out this week. The game will come out next year for 360, PS3 and PC. I’m excited about the seemingly endless hordes of zombies and the quasi-Vegas locale.

Check out some sick stills after the jump.

(via FEARnet)
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Apr 26

zombie hooker nightmare

Zombie Hooker Nightmare is a silly, free Flash game on the Adult Swim website, where you’re a hooker who needs to find a john and make some cash in a world overrun by slow, mindless zombies. It’s an easy time waster, and the gameplay is … well, pretty familiar. There are tons of mini games just like it … minus the hookers of course.

The Zombie Slash team—we’re currently lounging across a couch talking about zombies and video games, living the glamorous life of the horror fan blogger—suspects that the reason behind all these zombie mini games is not simply because zombies are awesome (even though they are). It’s also because zombies are easy enemies for game developers to create. The game reviewers at NextGenWalkthroughs agreed with us in their recent walkthrough of Resident Evil 5:

I think that’s one of the reasons why there have been so many zombie games lately: because zombie AI is extremely easy to do, because they’re dumb, they go in a line for you, they b-line for you, they’re not ducking behind cover. (YouTube link)

But then again, we love zombies. So if you want to kill a few minutes of your otherwise dreary day blasting a few dumb zombies, who are we to stop you?

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Apr 10

Castlevania I’d always thought of Castlevania as a vampire game, but rumor has it (according to IMDB’s plot synopsis) that the 2011 movie based on the classic games series will be brimming with zombies.

According the anonymous source on IMDB, a vampire killer travels to Transylvania and “fights his way through legions of zombies, gigantic bats, and even faces Death himself” as he hunts Count Dracula. We’re in.

The movie will be produced by Resident Evil director Paul W.S. Anderson, whose past experience making scary video game-based zombie films has me hoping that Castlevania will be better than Double Dragon and Doom.

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Apr 07

What do zombies and math have in common? After playing Math Zombie on the iPhone, I’d say that it’s more than you’d think.

I had never even heard of Math Zombie — I was at the App Store to download the more-hyped Zombieville USA — but I decided to check it out since there’s a free version (called Math Zombie Free in the App Store). A few hours later, I was still playing and my brains were completely zombiefied.

The game play is simple: Add the numbers on the board to get the sum displayed at the bottom of the screen as the timer counts down. When the board is clear, you’re onto the next level and the numbers you need to add to get higher.

Why it turns you into a zombie is simple and ingenious: You brainlessly keep playing, clawing at your iPhone screen, although you know that really, there’s nothing special about this game. And you keep playing because you know you can do better. “C’mon,” you say to yourself, “anyone could add to 42.”

Then you realize what you need: More braaainssss.

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Apr 02

Plants Versus Zombies the Game

Plants vs Zombies comes out May 5, 2009, and may be the cutest zombie game ever. PopCap, the makers of hit mini games like Bejeweled, announced the upcoming release of it’s adorable new zombie game yesterday. That’s right — April Fool’s day. And everyone thought it was a joke. Today, they assert the game’s for real. For my part, I think it’s legit.

The announcement is accompanied by a fabulous music video with female vocals and a catchy beat. You must check it out now. Continue reading »

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Mar 31

What will you do when the undead hit your neighborhood? Get some practice with these choose-your-own-zombie-adventures!

The Outbreak is a choose-your-own-adventure zombie film that was released last fall. The film is interactive and online, which makes for at least fifteen minutes of fantastic entertainment. Although the production is B-movie quality, the interactivity and availability give it an A in zombiliciousness. (Hint: if you don’t survive the feeding frenzy on your first attempt, click “chapter select” to go back a step.)

Check out the trailer below, or go straight to the site for zombie action.

If you’re looking for a more traditional choose-your-own-zombie-adventure, look no further than the newly released Zombie Bank Run. The story follows Samuel Nelson, a man who lost it all in the Great Depression, and might just lose his life too in the zombie apocalypse.

As you might expect, Zombie Bank Run isn’t the finest literature out there, but it definitely gets bonus points for creativity and, of course, for zombies, and provides at least a good hour of zombie fun. Get started on the adventure here!

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Feb 20

Inspired by the blockbuster game Gears of War, the ultimate zombie killing weapon is now available to real-life zombie killers everywhere: The Chainsaw Bayonet. If you ever need to slash your way through a horde of the undead — with ammo and electricity available of course — the chainsaw bayonet could hack through a lotta gore.

The chainsaw bayonet is an add-on for a Saiga-12 shotgun, but if you’re only fighting the zombies in your lively imagination, you can get a much cheaper (and less deadly) replica online.

(Via Undead Report)

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