Sep 28

Mary Poppins

I was listening to some clips from some of my favorite British comedians’ radio show, That Mitchell and Webb Sound, when I came across this great radio sketch called Zombie Poppins. It’s pretty ridiculous and fun. Of course someone uploaded it to YouTube so you can listen to it here:

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Apr 20

Here at Zombie Slash, we have an awesome blogging team. One of our bloggers, xiann, is also the brainsss behind Sticky Comics, a hilarious, often ridiculously so, webcomic. Her most recent comic: Zombie Pig Pen. We are in zombie love.

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May 01

Get out your Zombie Survival Guide, the apocalypse is now. Zombie Swine Flu will be raging through Europe in a matter of weeks — or perhaps only days.

zombies in London

Or not. Sorry. But the faux-BBC has a funny piece on the outbreak nevertheless. (The pic is from 28 Days Later, which you should go check out if you’re dying to see zombies in London.)

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Mar 02

Zombie MarioWe’re laughing our decaying guts out at webcomic artist and podcaster Scott Johnson‘s 56 Zombie’s Project. The project is a follow-up to Scott’s 56 Geeks Project, a comic guide to 56 geek stereotypes.

Scott transcends the stereotypes with some of his new creations, bringing us gems like Zombie Mario, Zombie Mime and Zombie George Lucas.

The project is ongoing — only seven of the zombies have currently been posted. What’s next? We’ll accept anything but Zombie Jonas Brothers (on second thought, two Zombie Jonas brothers tearing the third apart could be fantastic).

Check out more zombies at ExtraLife and in Scott’s Flickr pool.

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