Mar 10

The zombies are coming in IMAX 3D! Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will likely be the first zombie movie to come out in this format — we’ll be there with disposable glasses on.

The new Harry Potter trailer came out last week, giving us a much better look than before at the inferi in HD.

Zombies in Harry Potter (click to enlarge)

After some research into the matter (or, uh, browsing the Harry Potter Wiki), we’ve decided that inferi are definitely zombies. JK Rowling, we’re onto you and your fancy, made-up Latin terms!

If you can’t get enough of Harry Potter and Zombies, check out this great Zombie Harry and Hermione — and the extra pictures after the jump. Continue reading »

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Feb 23

If you’ve read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (aka Harry Potter 6) you might remember the dramatic scene where Harry and Dumbledore escape a cave infested with reanimated corpses, which are called inferi in the Potterverse. But if you’re a zombie fan, you might also have asked yourself, “Reanimated corpses? Aren’t those … zombies?”

With the sixth movie due in July, new clips and trailers are constantly showing up on the internet. In the most recent trailer, we get our first look at the inferi — looking pretty zombie-like if you ask me.

You can get a glimpse of them in action around 1:38 in the trailer. We’re looking forward to seeing the full scene in the movie!

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