Mar 31

jesus zombie
Jesus rises and wants your hugs at the 2009 Philly Zombie Crawl – photo by grendelsden on flickr

Easter Sunday is approaching — and that means it’s time to celebrate the famous undead prophet’s re-birthday at the Easter Philadelphia Zombie Crawl. You don’t even have to do your own make-up — you can attend a pre-game painting for just $10 (which we know from experience will save you time cleaning the gore stains off the bathroom sink.)

philly zombie crawl

Get more info about the Philly Zombie Crawl here.

In other zombie walk news, we haven’t heard anything about another Easter zombie walk in Boston this year, after there was some controversy about last year’s Easter zombie event there. But you really never know when the hordes will strike, do you?

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May 01

free comic book dayTomorrow is Free Comic Book Day, that special day of the year when you can just walk into a comic book store and walk out with free comics. Legally, that is.

There are some fantastic-looking comics among this year’s free offerings, such as Attack Of The Alterna-Zombies!, which features Jesus Hates Zombies. FEARNet has a preview of several pages of Jesus Hates Zombies — here’s a nice snippet with Jesus, Abraham Lincoln and a zombie horde:

We can’t wait to get our hands on some of these on Saturday — thanks Free Comic Book Day crew!

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Apr 14

In spite of the mini-scandal surrounding Boston’s Easter Sunday zombie walk, the hordes turned out and had a bloody good time, with little reference to Zombie Jesus, easter bunnies, chocolate, or colored eggs. Check out these video clips from the Boston Phoenix to get a taste of the event:

Although it’s not true to zombie form, you gotta love the zombies dancing at the end.

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Mar 24

Easter zombie walk The Boston Zombie Uprising have scheduled their upcoming zombie walk for Easter Sunday, April 12, 2009. Now participants are being criticized for the choice of dates, for every reason from scaring children to being disrespectful to Christians.

The organizers are responding by saying they meant no offense, and to please have tolerance on all sides. In a secularizing country (where 15% of Americans have no religion at all) their satirical date choice is far from shocking. But is it offensive?

Comments left on the event’s Facebook page include harsh (and sometimes trolling) criticism such as “Having this on easter will be perceived as being anti christian and mocking jesus,” and “the timing on Easter is clearly offensive.” Are these comments coming from actual zombie walk participants, or from roving bands of Christian e-soldiers? Easter zombie walks aren’t unprecedented. And considering that the Easter Bunny is more iconic of Easter to many Americans than Jesus’ resurrection, the zombie walk’s timing is unlikely to offend the mainstream.

What’s the point of a zombie walk? They’re intended to be provocative. This Easter, Boston is taking the bait.

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Feb 24

Zombie Jesus! (2007) is a short film that explores the Jesus zombie lore (as we explored in a previous post) in a typical Midwestern US B-movie setting. The main character returns to her tiny hometown and teams up with a local Jew named Isaac to save the town from the cold, dead hands of Zombie Jesus.

We haven’t seen the movie, which has yet to come out on DVD, but some reviewers are lauding the awesome terribleness it contributed to the 2007 Toronto Film Festival, so we’ll stay tuned.

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Feb 23

Jesus Hates Zombies, an independent comic originally released in 2007, has a second edition out with an awesome new Spiderman-esque cover illustration of zombie-slaying Jesus.

These vividly drawn black-and-white comics feature multiple short stories about Jesus’ zombie slashing adventures. Later stories feature “Laz”, Jesus’ zombie sidekick. The second installment in Jesus Hates Zombies (2008) features even more sacrilicious gore with the bonus story, Lincoln Hates Warewolves.

Some people say that Jesus was the original zombie after he returned from the grave (not to mention the cannibalistic undertones of the Eucharist, which began at The Last Supper), but Jesus Hates Zombies clears that rumor up completely. (via GeeksOfDoom)

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