Oct 23

The folks over at reddit.com organized a video interview with Max Brooks, author of The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z. In the interview, Brooks answers ten of the top questions submitted to reddit, some of which are intriguing, some absurd, but all elicit great responses from the famed zombie aficionado.

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Mar 16

Coming your way in 2010 may be the most epic and ambitious zombie film yet, World War Z, based on the novel by Max Brooks. We’re waiting for news about the casting (and crossing our fingers for some Brad Pitt!), but in the meanwhile, really dig this alleged concept art by Dan LuVisis.

The Battle of Yonkers (World War Z) by Dan LuVisis

Above: The Battle of Yonkers

Although some of the details here are sketchy compared to the book (Soldiers on roofs? And where are the portajohns?), I love its scale and action. Here’s hoping the movie looks something like this.

Check out io9′s story and image gallery for more info and detail shots of this huge digital painting.

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Feb 19

After Max Brooks‘ revelation of the first recorded zombie attack in ancient Hierakonpolis appeared in the Zombie Survival Guide, Archeology magazine published a piece detailing the Hierakonpolis zombie site and the menace of zombie infection to the archeological community.

The piece includes an interview with Max Brooks, plus a rundown of zombie fighting techniques likely to be useful to field archeologists, including maneuvers that incorporate common excavation tools like the trowel and shovel.

The article warns archeologists to heed the threat of zombies carefully when researching, concluding that precautions “may seem absurd, but you won’t think its funny when you are feasting on the corpses of your friends and fellow researchers, in fact, you won’t be thinking at all.” (Via Archeology)

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