Apr 15

It’s hard to make zombies kid-friendly, but this animated version of It Was a Dark and Silly Night, a comic written by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by Gahan Wilson does the trick. The animation is adapted from a story in the comic series Little Lit, edited by Art Spiegelman.

And sure, the zombies in the story are really just reanimated corpses and they’re more interested in dancing than brains, but it’s a great demonstration of the potential of zombies in all facets of pop culture. Zombies can now be seen in everything from romance to reality TV to kids’ fiction. Here at Zombie Slash, we can’t wait to see what genres zombies will invade next.

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Feb 18

thelivingdeadI recently picked up The Living Dead, edited by John Joseph Adams, an anthology of zombie-themed fiction that includes stories by authors such as Stephen King, George R. R. Martin and Clive Barker.

The Living Dead offers a fresh take on zombie fiction. These are stories that you’ll enjoy for their literary value as much as for their zombie mayhem. They include great characters, great ideas and great writing.

Although The Living Dead provides its share of Romero-style zombies, there are also some new and liberal interpretations of the zombie theme. Some stories feature zombies can think and talk (“Beautiful Stuff” by Susan Palwick), characters that have been influenced by zombies in popular culture (“Everything is Better with Zombies” by Hannah Wolf Bowen) or zombies that might not really be zombies (“The Dead Kid” by Darrell Schweitzer).

Adams’ compilation is might not be the most zombie-bang for your buck (although there definitely is some R-rated zombie banging), but it is a must-read for anyone watching as zombies amble and claw their way into popular culture.

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Feb 18

The ever-delightful Despair.com released a Candy Heart Generator for Valentine’s Day, giving its hordes of fans a chance to make their own hilariously dark, computer-rendered candy hearts.

After Twitter-crazy author Neil Gaiman decided to use the heart generator to make his own dark flash-fic story, it became a Twitter meme, resulting in many short and sweet zombie love stories.


Search more heart stories here, here and here!

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Feb 17

The Day the Saucers Came is a zombie-slash-every-mythos online story by Neil Gaiman (illustrations by Jouni Koponen). If you’re into zombies and anything else that’s sci-fi, fantasy, conspiracy or cryptozoology — not to mention Neil Gaiman — then check out this short illustrated story.

The story is part of an online project called Infinite Canvas. They have several stories posted, most with pleasantly macabre themes.

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