Aug 18

Now I’m not sure how well a mixed martial artist would do against a zombie attack, considering MMA fighters don’t train to defend against biting. But there is one MMA fighter who may survive by, of all things, joining the zombie horde: Chan Sung “The Korean Zombie” Jung.

This featherweight powerhouse gets his name from his uncanny ability to move forward in a fight, even after taking a ton of damage. Pretty appropriate name if you ask me! Just watch his past fights—especially his fight of the decade performance against Leonard Garcia—to get an idea of his zombie-like behavior.

And we here at Zombie Slash definitely approve of Jung’s official Korean Zombie t-shirt.

korean zombie shirt
(The  t-shirt for MMA horror fans)

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Jul 22

We’ve told you before about the fantastic zombie shirts at Threadless. We’re thrilled to tell you that they have now reached a new level of awesome.

In the first volume of their new Comics-On Tees line, four shirts tell the story of a dreamy zombie apocalypse. Each shirt is its own “issue” designed by a different artist. Although there are four issues in the volume, only three of them actually depict zombies — the first one is just really cute.

"Every Night I Have the Same Dream" at Threadless

Threadless released these shirts in conjunction with a new design challenge — submit your own comics-themed shirt designs by August 12. More zombies please!

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Apr 12

Are you surprised that Audrey Hepburn makes one classy zombie? We’re not. And we loved this new “Zombie At Tiffany’s” t-shirt at Threadless.

audrey hepburn (breakfast at tiffany's) t-shirt

Check out the shirt here.

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Feb 18

Think Positive Jeph Jacques, webcomic artist and creator of Questionable Content, just released this zombie-themed motivational poster via Twitter. Jacques says it will be “coming out very soon,” we’re guessing as a t-shirt.

And this after we just posted about the overlord of dark motivational posters,, earlier today. Maybe we’re onto something here…

Update (3/13/2009): You can now buy this shirt on Topatoco!

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