Jul 10

Any zombie can dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” right? Some of us non-corpses, though, never quite got through the first three steps without wishing we were dead. But thanks to this fantastic t-shirt, which Threadless reprinted in MJ’s memory, we might just have a chance after all.

Thriller Zombie Shirt on Threadless

Illustrated zombies depict the dance broken down in 12 “frames” in this stylish and user-friendly t-shirt. What more could you want in casual zombie apparel?

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Jun 25

Ah, Michael Jackson. You were the king of pop zombie music videos. Thriller was classic. We’d miss you if we weren’t worried about your undead corpse eating our brains. Thank you for making Thriller, though. Now we know what we should be looking out for.

Rest in Zombihood, Michael Jackson

It appears that you can keep an eye on Zombie Michael Jackson by following @ZombJacko on Twitter (fortunately, we cannot claim credit for this account).

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