Sep 27

The new Walking Dead AMC TV series premieres on Halloween, October 31. As Halloween approaches, there are some great new videos going around for us to watch in anticipation.

AMC just put out a new “behind the scenes” look at the show:

And one of the most celebrated fan-made opening titles is going around. We love the use of the original art from the books.

For older bonus viewing, check out the official trailer for the series:

Also, here’s a video that gives some background on “Zombie School”, where the directors of the show trained their hordes of zombies extras.

If you haven’t read the books yet, I definitely recommend them. Although I have high hopes for this TV series, the books are a character-driven glimpse into a bleak human/zombie future, masterfully told in comic art. But if you love zombies and comics, you probably already know what I’m talking about.

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Aug 16

What music goes best with zombies? Bombastic symphonic pieces, as exemplified by Romero’s classic soundtrack. The hard driving clamor of horror punk? Or the innumerable genres of extreme metal, like death, black, and goregrind?

These are all great and capture the dark, diabolical essence of zombies. But a relatively new and unknown genre of electronic music may be more suitable: dubstep. I’ll let this mashup demonstrate:

Dubstep’s cadence stands out as jerky and lurching, reminiscent of a zombie’s walk. The wobbling, grimey, and growling basslines are distressed and unsettling, but strangely hypnotic, much like a zombie’s moan. The layers of samples and effects often contribute an eerie atmosphere. Even dubstep producers recognize the similarities. Listen to this, this (embedded below), this, and this.

There’s zombies in there!

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Oct 06

Woke Up Dead, a new zombie web series, gives the much-neglected zombie point-of-view of what it’s like to, er, wake up dead. Drex, played by Jon Heder of Napoleon Dynamite, takes some shady headache medicine and drowns in his bathtub before reanimating. He is followed by his video-blogging best friend and his former college crush-turned-med student as he attempts to resurrect his post-college life, even after death.

The show provides an entertaining and light zombie fix with reasonably good production quality and funny characters. The first five episodes are currently out, one featuring Wayne Knight of Seinfeld. The series is being released every few days during the month of October on

Woke Up Dead is part of this month’s Zombiefest on Crackle. For Zombiefest, sixteen full-length zombie classics are featured on the site, in addition to special content from Zombieland. Check it out before it’s gone!

Edit to add: Woke Up Dead also has its own companion website at, with links to the Twitter and Facebook pages for some of the characters … so why not check that out too?

(via FEARNet)

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