Oct 06

Woke Up Dead, a new zombie web series, gives the much-neglected zombie point-of-view of what it’s like to, er, wake up dead. Drex, played by Jon Heder of Napoleon Dynamite, takes some shady headache medicine and drowns in his bathtub before reanimating. He is followed by his video-blogging best friend and his former college crush-turned-med student as he attempts to resurrect his post-college life, even after death.

The show provides an entertaining and light zombie fix with reasonably good production quality and funny characters. The first five episodes are currently out, one featuring Wayne Knight of Seinfeld. The series is being released every few days during the month of October on Crackle.com.

Woke Up Dead is part of this month’s Zombiefest on Crackle. For Zombiefest, sixteen full-length zombie classics are featured on the site, in addition to special content from Zombieland. Check it out before it’s gone!

Edit to add: Woke Up Dead also has its own companion website at WokeUpDead.tv, with links to the Twitter and Facebook pages for some of the characters … so why not check that out too?

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Mar 31

What will you do when the undead hit your neighborhood? Get some practice with these choose-your-own-zombie-adventures!

The Outbreak is a choose-your-own-adventure zombie film that was released last fall. The film is interactive and online, which makes for at least fifteen minutes of fantastic entertainment. Although the production is B-movie quality, the interactivity and availability give it an A in zombiliciousness. (Hint: if you don’t survive the feeding frenzy on your first attempt, click “chapter select” to go back a step.)

Check out the trailer below, or go straight to the site for zombie action.

If you’re looking for a more traditional choose-your-own-zombie-adventure, look no further than the newly released Zombie Bank Run. The story follows Samuel Nelson, a man who lost it all in the Great Depression, and might just lose his life too in the zombie apocalypse.

As you might expect, Zombie Bank Run isn’t the finest literature out there, but it definitely gets bonus points for creativity and, of course, for zombies, and provides at least a good hour of zombie fun. Get started on the adventure here!

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