Feb 17

A not-so-fresh game that was released in Japan two years ago just hit US shelves. It’s called Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad, where bikini-clad cowgirl samurai chicks fight hordes of flesh-eating, gore-loving zombies.

This game could have been interesting based solely on its hi-mashup concept, but according to IGN, is totally not worth your time. Even the T&A falls short, apparently, with sub-par rendering of creepy boob-jiggling physics.

But watch this space for any further bikini-samurai-cowgirl-zombie crossover. The genre may have potential yet.

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Feb 16

Dead Noon is a remake of the classic Western, High Noon, where the good guys have automatic weapons and the bad guys are undead minions of Hell. You get a vague steampunk vibe watching the trailer, tacked onto the usual B-horror camp, T&A, and not-so-special effects.

Dead Noon was released straight to DVD earlier this month. If you want to hear more about how the film was made, check out this interview with Director Andrew Wiest, a guy who really knows his way around a bloodbath.

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