Jun 15
The Battle of Yonkers, as illustrated in Max Brooks' World War Z

The Battle of Yonkers, as illustrated in Max Brooks' World War Z

The upcoming World War Z movie is finally stumbling into production. The week we’ve learned that, along with Brad Pitt, the cast will include Matthew Fox of Lost. It is also rumored that the cast will include James Badge Dale of The Conspirator and Anthony Mackie of The Hurt Locker — we can’t wait to see these guys kick some zombie butt!

The film will be shot in Glasgow, Scotland, which will be gussied up to look like an apocalyptic Philadelphia. If you’re anywhere near Glasgow, check out this casting call: They’re looking for men and women of all ages — we’re guessing some good zombie makeup will be involved.

World War Z is the film adaptation of Max Brooks‘ 2006 novel, World War Z. No one seems to be clear on the film’s delivery date. We’ve read summer 2012, 2013 and 2014. Whenever it comes, we’ll be ready for this zombie apocalypse.

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Mar 16

Coming your way in 2010 may be the most epic and ambitious zombie film yet, World War Z, based on the novel by Max Brooks. We’re waiting for news about the casting (and crossing our fingers for some Brad Pitt!), but in the meanwhile, really dig this alleged concept art by Dan LuVisis.

The Battle of Yonkers (World War Z) by Dan LuVisis

Above: The Battle of Yonkers

Although some of the details here are sketchy compared to the book (Soldiers on roofs? And where are the portajohns?), I love its scale and action. Here’s hoping the movie looks something like this.

Check out io9′s story and image gallery for more info and detail shots of this huge digital painting.

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