Feb 25

i walked with a zombie

Why do zombies capture our imagination so vividly and pervasively? The very idea of corpse reanimation is not new, but in recent decades it has reached beyond the cheap thrills of pulp fiction and become something more substantial, more allegorical. I suppose the allegory was always there, hidden among the terrible groans and tattered flesh, but zombies are beginning to invade genres known for their high-brow value and perceptive social commentary. So there’s something more to it.

Why, then, do zombies capture our imagination? I believe there are five underlying reasons.
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Feb 17

A not-so-fresh game that was released in Japan two years ago just hit US shelves. It’s called Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad, where bikini-clad cowgirl samurai chicks fight hordes of flesh-eating, gore-loving zombies.

This game could have been interesting based solely on its hi-mashup concept, but according to IGN, is totally not worth your time. Even the T&A falls short, apparently, with sub-par rendering of creepy boob-jiggling physics.

But watch this space for any further bikini-samurai-cowgirl-zombie crossover. The genre may have potential yet.

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