Mar 13

Twitter was awash with zombies yesterday due to Agent_M‘s Zombietalk Thursday. The question of the day: Could you kill your zombie significant other? (If you’re asking, “Why would you?” you should consider that some people started dating before their partner was a zombie.)

We decided to contribute to the Photoshop topic “zombie celebrity couples” with a Zombie Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (shown at the premiere of Shaun of the Dead). We later got an anonymous tip that led us to uncover startling evidence that the Olsens may actually be zombies. Consider the following:

Will either of these baby-brain-eating twins lead the zombocalypse? We may not know for sure till it’s too late, but we’re betting on the one on the left (we still can’t tell them apart).

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Mar 03

Zombie Morrissey #12 from zombietalk ThursdaysLast Thursday, Marvel Comics blogger Agent_M declared Thursdays to be zombietalk days on Twitter. The current discussion can be found here.

Last Thursday’s discussion centered around the creation of Zombie Morrissey, an elusive rendition of what Morrissey will look like if (when?) he becomes a zombie. Twelve Zombie Morrisseys were selected and posted on Agent_M’s Tumblr blog.

Other discussion topics from last Thursday included whether running zombies or slow zombies are preferred. (As zombie purists, we’re squarely in the slow zombie camp, for the record.) If you’re among the Twitter hordes, stay tuned this Thursday for more zombietalk.

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